About Us

MilkShake.asia has established since 2013, all our Herbalife products are from Malaysia suppliers.
They are made in Italy and imported by Herbalife Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

We guarantee that the products are genuine and authentic, and we have more than 2000 satisfied customers and growing to prove our claim.
Rest assured that you will be getting the exact same products as all the distributors in Malaysia.

Herbalife is not a retail product; it is a direct-selling product. Our stocks are from existing agents who are required to distribute a certain amount of products every month. This is why we are able to sell the products cheaply.

Please take note that all tracking numbers of the Herbalife products are removed to protect our agents and ourselves.

However, we guarantee you that the products are all original and fresh. If you wish to purchase products with tracking reference, we recommend you to purchase directly from a Herbalife distributor.